1. Man Created
  1. Let us make man in our image (Genesis 1: 26)
    1. Jewish tradition of the fight among the angels.
      1. God consulted the angels about what he was about to do
      2. Some objected What is man that you take thought of him and the son of man that you care for him Psalm 8: 5
    2. Man made and clothed with the glory and honor Psalm 8: 6
    3. Ruled over all the animals of the earth
      1. Satan, who was in the garden (Ezekiel 28: 13)
      2. Rebelled against this idea and found an ally among the animals.
  2. Man created in God’s image Vs 27
    1. We are born in the image of the earthly Adam we also bear the image of the heavenly Adam (1 Corinthians 15: 49)
    2. The first Adam is from earth, the second Adam is from heaven (1 Corinthians 15: 47)
    3. Adam is a type of the one who is coming (Romans 5:14) Adam was made in the image of Jesus who was to come.
      1. Adam created in God’s image, Messiah is anointed by God and God’s Spirit will be upon him.
      2. God created Adam in his image and the Messiah is the image of God (Colossians 1: 15)
      3. The Messiah is the radiance of His glory and the exact representation His nature. (Hebrews 1: 3)
      4. Luke calls Adam the “son of God” (Luke 3: 38)
    4. Sum this up We all started in Adam, but in Christ (The second Adam) we all have a chance for a fresh start.
    5. Is it fair that we all die because of the sin of one man?  Is it fair that because of one man’s righteousness, we all have a chance for righteousness to be ours?
  3. God saw it was very good Vs 31
    1. Same word for Adam is used for very so we could also say Adam was Good.

2. The Generations

  1. These are the generations of the heavens and the earth Genesis 2: 4
    1. the word Generations here is spelled with the Vav’s
    2. After the fall of Adam, the word generations is only spelled with one Vav so something is missing
      1. Vav is the six letter of the hebrew Alphabet and it stands for man who was created on the sixth day.
      2. Something is missing in the word generations as man has fallen
    3. Ruth 4: 18 when it states these are the generations of Perez the Vav returns because it is talking about the heritage of David who is the line of Messiah. (See Matthew 1: 1)
    4. Rabbit Trail Vs 17 three sets of 14  numerical value of the three letters that make up David’s name?    14

3. The river

  1. A river flows out of Eden 2: 10
  2. Zechariah 14: 8 River will flow out of the Temple mount and make the bitter water sweet
  3. Jesus eluded to this with Rivers of living water would flow. John 7: 38
  4. Ezekiel eluded to this as the river which will change the Dead Sea Ezekiel 47: 10
  5. Jesus defined this as the gospel message of repentance which will flow to others Luke 24: 47
  6. It will return in Revelation 22: 1, 2

4. The Bride

  1. Adam fell into a deep sleep Genesis 2: 21
  2. Took a rib and created Eve
  3. Jesus died and his side was pierced
  4. From this wound, the bride of Christ was formed.
  5. the two become one flesh
    1. As the bride of Adam is also the body of Adam, the Bride of Messiah is also called the Body of Messiah
    2. The bride would wash herself before the wedding in a Mikva so the Bride of Christ is washed in the Word of God Ephesians 5: 26, 27
  6. Clothing
    1. White and luminous garments cloth the righteous, the divine and angelic beings. (Daniel 7: 9 Acts 1: 10 Mark 16: 15 Revelation 3: 4
    2. When Jesus transformed his garments became radiant Mark 9: 3
    3. Jesus said his disciples will shine forth as the sun in the kingdom of their Father (Matthew 13: 43)

5. The Fall

  1. Enmity between Seed of Eve and Serpent
  2. Seed is singular which means one person the Messiah.
  3. Tradition is Adam sat by the river that still flowed out of Eden and immersed Himself in it as an act of repentance.  this is where baptism comes from.
  4. Cain and Abel Genesis 4: 4, 5
    1. God rejects Cain’s offering and accepts Abel’s because Cain’s deeds were evil and Abel’s were righteous.1 John 3: 12
    2. Abel showed he was righteous with his approval of how he gave gifts Hebrews 11: 4
    3. Cain told to conquer sin and overcome it. Genesis 4: 7
  5. Abel’s blood brings condemnation as it cries out from the ground.
    1. Tradition says that this crime happened on the 14 of Nisan.  (Passover)
    2. Jesus died at the hands of evil men on passover and rather than condemnation, it brings forgiveness.
    3. Blood of Jesus “speaks better than the blood of Abel” Hebrews 12: 24
  6. Another seed 4: 25 Outside what I thought was the promised seed (Cain who disqualified himself because he was a murderer) Seed that will be from a different source.
    1. Jesus is from another seed as the Holy Spirit came upon Mary.
    2. Jesus also came from a Moabite heritage with Ruth who was also from a different source.
  7. Man calls on the name of the Lord. Genesis 4: 26 a rejection of God starts
  8. The generations are formed up to Noah.